My Philoshophy

Apr 17, 2023

Your body is where you start and end this journey.
Your body is the place your soul has chosen to reside during your time on earth. 

Your body is the vehicle through which creation is expressed and where life comes from.

Your body is where we experience, store, assimilate and transmute all that we learn in this lifetime. 

Your body is where we remember we are so much more than this body. 

Your body is your home.

Remember how to PHEEL again and come home, to you, your knowing and your truth. This is not a place for the mind, we are here for the body. 

Life experiences often take you away from your home, and you dissociate. Causing you to leave your body, because there was some pain, reality or circumstance that was unbearable. You weren’t ready, you couldn't understand, you didn’t have the space or maybe it wasn’t the best time to be with it. 

Little by little, layer by layer, you begin to remove the protective mechanisms that were created to keep you safe and you come back into your body. 


There is no sequence to coming home, no destination and no time frame, but there is a map that lies within you. You will know you’ve started this journey back to your body when you realize there is no other choice but to go inward to find the truth of who you are. 

There is no pill, no program, no person, no doctor, no prescription, no class, no ceremony, no book, no certification, no job, no therapy that will make this journey unnecessary. It is a required part of your work and purpose here on earth. What used to work for you just doesn’t anymore. Pushing, forcing, going harder, doing more only results in your body shutting down and feelings of dissatisfaction and depression arise. 

Things start to blow up in your face, or poof completely fall away in the blink of an eye. The harder you grasp and try to hold on, the bigger the explosion and the more force life will use to reroute you back home. You start to see the patterns you’ve been repeating and know there must be another way, but you just can’t see it yet. 


Congratulations, you are now in the in-between and are starting to PHEEL again, coming back into your body and all that it has to teach you. The mind can not get you out of this necessary phase of remembrance no matter how hard it tries. 

This is not an additive process. This is not a place of research, statistics and comparison. Following this map is a process of removal, layer by layer, shedding your skin and the protection mechanisms you created. At times it will be painful, dark, scary, confusing and hopeless, but you are not alone as many have gone through this process before you or are in the process with you now. I’m here with you. You do not need to do more to become YOU.

If you are here, you recognize me, in you. You are on this journey too. I’m here, arms open wide, ready for you to come home to the truth of you and to assist you in birthing your creations. Once you embark on this mission you must finish it, there is no other way.

The energy of life will shapeshift you into your truest form, where you will inherently find you and the beauty of your home. 

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My Philoshophy

Apr 17, 2023

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