Due to the overwhelming emotional pain that is often present with trauma and life it is common that post traumatic stress remains in the body stifling the healing process and causing disorders, diseases, pain and suffering.  

Traditional approaches to mental health tend to focus on the mind, overlooking the intricate connection it has with the physical self.

Somatic healing practices offer gentle, subtle techniques and movements that encourage focus on the body, enhancing inner awareness, encouraging emotional release and reconnection with self.

Emotional release is part of the natural process as you deepen your connection with your body. After time and continued practicing of the somatic practices layers will start to thaw to be felt. Typically after time, and as the nervous system learns new patterns, thoughts, fears, illnesses, and instability will begin to subside and people find great relief and reconnection with them selves.

This work is slow and steady. It takes consistency and daily practice to reconnect with yourself and your body. 

You will learn to feel at HOME in your body and enjoy the fullness and range of possibility in your life. 

Somatic Healing Benefits:

  •  Release trapped emotions and trauma stored in your body through somatic therapy, fostering profound healing.
  •  Utilize your body's self-healing mechanisms to heal stress, tension, and past trauma effectively.
  •  Cultivate emotional freedom and authenticity by experiencing emotions fully, without judgment.
  •  Channel the transformative power of emotions to create positive change in your life.
  •  Deepen body awareness to recognize, respond and process distress signals.
  •  Improve relaxation for stress reduction and improved stress management.
  •  Develop skills for better emotional regulation and resilience.
  •  Gain self-awareness and insight to support personal growth.
  •  Experience relief from physical symptoms and chronic pain through mind-body connection.
  •  Foster acceptance of your body, reducing body image concerns.
  •  Improve communication and relationships through emotional attunement.
  •  Utilize somatic therapy to effectively work with anxiety and depression.

About me

After brain surgery, seven years ago, I dedicated my life to healing, evolving and helping others do the same. I nurtured myself to health with a commitment to honoring my soul, learning the language of my body and healing my nervous system.  I learned from mentors and the modalities of: Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, TRE®, and PSYCH-K® and other somatic and coaching practices.

I specialize in going places with people that they’re too afraid or don't know how to navigate on their own. Assisting people in finding their path to creating transformation within their bodies and lives. Helping people remember the TRUTH of who they are and why they are here, so that they can connect with the parts they’ve hidden, forgotten or lost along their way.  

  • I have completed  SOMA MYSTICA ™ a globally accredited program that integrates neurophysiology, therapeutic psychology practices, spiritual and transpersonal practices as a trauma informed somatic guide. 
  • I have trained in TRE®, tension and trauma releasing exercises. A body based, somatic practice that activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.
  • I have a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. 
  • I have trained in PSYCH-K®, a process that allows you to quickly change subconscious beliefs.
  • I have professionally supported people in business, life and healing for the last ten years.

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